Post-restore actions for SD Clone

I would like to be able to specify post-restore actions for SD Clone.

I’m thinking specifically about these kinds of actions:

  • Copying the wpa_supplicant.conf file to the “boot” volume of a restored Raspberry Pi image
  • Creating the empty ssh file on the “boot” volume of a restored Raspberry Pi image
  • Something involving “cloud-init”? I don’t know much about that yet.

There may be other actions that would be useful for other kinds of boot media outside that for a Raspberry Pi.

I would like to take actions like the ones for Raspberry Pi images not just on Raspbian, but also others like Ubuntu and Hypriot and whatever other distributions work on a RPi.

Having a feature to do this in SD Clone would be handy because I often forget to copy/create files on one or more SD cards, and then have to mount and check each one again (since those micro cards are too small for labels to let me tell one from another).

Great idea! I’ll look at adding it to the next version. Perhaps the update for Big Sur.