Post run pkg failing - stuck in loop

After running mds workflow a package is failing on first boot Imagr window. It keeps looping into this upon reboot. How to kill this? Please make it stop…


If you boot into recovery and look in /var/.imagr/first-boot/items on the boot drive. This is where the scripts are that are failing.


Thanks! that did it…


I have same or similar situation, stuck looping on first boot.
However when I force power down and then Recovery Mode, there is no /var/.imagr directory.

In the background I have a grayed out LoginLog and a window with /var/log/first-boot.log
I have not discovered a way to interrupt to fix things (something in my first run wants internet).

Truth be told… I too was not able to find .imagr in the var folder while in Recovery. I discovered that when in the imagr loop log screen you can hit command-Q. This left me at login screen. Once logged in I went to /var found and deleted the .imagr folder.

Hallelujah!!! I didn’t know about command-Q. :grinning:
Gets me out of the stuck loop so I can do something!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Now maybe I can deploy some Catalina MacAirs.

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