"Preparing to repair"


I just bought Winclone 10 so I wouldn’t have to do a fresh install of windows on the new drive I just installed in my imac.

I followed the video and did a copy of the bootcamp disk, deleted the bootcamp partition on my main drive and did a restore to the new drive.

When I restart, sometimes (maybe 1 out 5 times) it boots normaly to windows and most of the times it says “Preparing to repair” but it then get stuck on a blue screen with the option to shut down.

The times it does work, there is a second bootcamp drive with less storage that appears on my computer page and also another drive called EFI.

When I hold alt while it restarts, there are 2 drives with “Windows” on them and 1 with Mac os but I only have 2 physical drives in that computer.

I don’t know what to do, at this point I am thinking about doing a fresh install of windows but those 39.99 I just spent on winclone will be such a waste.

DId you get this resolved? If not, you can get a refund if it didn’t work for you. If you did figure it out, let me know how you resolved it. I have not seen this before.