Prevent first boot reboot


I need to disable automatic restart after imagr completed the workflows. I added the following key in config.plist but it doesn’t seem to effect.


I am not sure where to place the first boot key so I added it somewhere after the workflow keys. Is there something I am missing here?

It would be interesting to check out the /var/log/install.log after that reboot. It should explain why it is rebooting.


Hi rperfitt,

I moved the key outside of the array as a separate block and now it’s working. The only thing that bothers me now is MDS rewrite config.plist whenever I make a change in the workflow so I have to add the key manually everytime. Maybe it would be nice to add an option for that on MDS.


thanks for letting me know. please file the issue at


Hi Tim,

I opened a feature request.

Many thanks for the MDS and have a nice day.

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