Price Winclone 6 standard 19.99 but money asked 47.99?

I am trying to either upgrade my Winclone 6 basic license or buy a second one (the price is the same) as I am moving my bootcamp partition to another computer, and will still keep using the old one
The interesting thing is it tells you that the upgrade is 20 dollars but when you click to buy it says 47.99 dollars?
The same thing happens if I wnt to buy a basic Winclone 6 license. the price is 19.99 but when I clik to buy the system asks for 47.99 . This does not look too good.

Is this a difficult question? is it irrelevant ?
does it mean that I cannot upgrade my winclone 6 basic copy to standard which I bought less than 5 months ago and have to buy a standard winclone 7?

I just got an answer by mail to tell me that as I both this winclone 6 version May25, I can upgrade winclone to winclone 7 standard free. Thanks Twocanoes. Great! I have got my answer.

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I have also tried to purchase winclone 6. My MacBook has version 5 installed, and I have just upgraded it to High Sierra, it can’t be upgraded any further due to it not having the correct display hardware for Mohave. The price listed is $19.99, but when you click buy it goes up to $47.99 and prompts me that this is for version 7, but I don’t want or need version 7! So if it’s being advertised at $19.99 can I please just pay that, and have the choice of if I want to pay the extra?

Upgrades are now handled via Just create an account at and you’ll see all your past purchases (assuming you used the same email when purchasing as you did when creating the account). You’ll see a button to upgrade at a discount inside profile.