Problem repackaging Adobe Creative Cloud

Hey all,

I am a huge fan of MDS and I was creating a new workflow for the new school year and I’m having some issues with re-packing Adobe using MDS 4.1 (41133)

While trying to compile the workflow, I am prompted that the Adobe package needs to be re-packaged which I do, this step hasn’t been an issue before. However I am then prompted with this error:

Could not convert package 08A6C7D6-B6AF-4860-BA5B-93B89E7AA588.pkg. Verify package and certificate used for signing (if applicable). Command was: /usr/bin/productbuild (
"/Volumes/mds/Big Sur assets/installs/ACAD Mac Intel F2021_Install.pkg"
). Try running  in Terminal to verify error.

Running the command into my terminal yeilded: zsh: unknown file attribute: \n

Any help would be greatly appreciated, the work was done on an intel mac, for intel mac deployment.

I also have issue in creating a BigSure image with Adobe CC2022.
the CC2022 package is fine when install it separately on a Mac.
But it will not pack to a MDS image either save to a Volume or local folder,
it always complains abt free drive spaces:

An error occurred copying the MPKG. /Volumes/WDSSD340/MacSupport/macApps/MDS107_BS/MacOS_Full_Suite_Adobe_2022_Install.pkg-original-F726D2C8-2A78-42A4-A6C9-96C3FA0D5030/MacOS_Full_Suite_Adobe_2022_Install.pkg
Please check the volume and try again …

despite I have lots free spaces on drives, its over 200GB free space.
It was all OK with MDS 4.0 and Adobe CC2020.