Problem Shrinking NOBS-based SD Card

I am considering purchasing SD Clone 3 for my application. I have been running the latest trial version on my Mac (latest MacOS version) and I am trying to shrink an existing raspberry pi SD card to fit on a smaller one. The original card was created using NOBS and I am using the “safe” process of creating an image, restoring it to a disk image, shrinking the disk image, and then restoring the shrunk disk image to a smaller SD card. The final smaller SD card won’t boot and I suspect that this is because the FAT32 partition associated with NOBS on the original card is not be copied to the new, smaller image. I am happy to purchase SD Clone 3 if I can get this to work. Can you please help me? Also, I don’t see the “Image Central” toolbar button in the trial version of SD Clone 3 on my mac.

Thank you for helping me.

I believe the NOOBS image has a partition after the root Linux (EXT) partition, so shrinking or expanding doesn’t help put it on the smaller card. This article seems to confirm this:

If you use Rasbian, there is a FAT32 partition and then a Linux partition, and then you can shrink and expand the linux partition and it will affect the size of the card you can restore it on to.

As for the Image Central, it got difficult to keep it accurate so we dropped it.