Process for Cloning Standard Lenovo disk with two partions

My son has a Lenovo laptop with a rescue and work partition. There are a couple of other small one, where their function is not clear. We are trying to clone it to a larger SSD.
In the past, we have used Acronis Winclone and it pretty much worked automatically including partitioning and managing increasing the main partition. But that software has been crashing on multiple systems.

Is there a written procedure on how to handle this? I presume it requires partitioning the target drive and then using WinClone?

I have mainly used WinClone for specific Bootcamp partitions.

Acronis provides disk utilities for PCs, but not Winclone. Winclone is from Twocanoes Software and runs on Macs.


I understand. I ended up buying an updated Acronis that worked on the Windows system.