Process Questions on using Winclone6 Standard with El Capitan

I have Winclone 6.22 running on El Capitan Ver. 10.11.6. Sadly, my 17-inch Macbook Pro is starting to have hardware issues. I’ve lost use of a USB port which can’t be fixed and is on the motherboard, etc. I use a large Windows Bootcamp running Windows 7 Professional. My goal is to create an image of my Bootcamp complete which has a lot of Windows software installed and be able to move it to another Windows computer before my MAC fails, preferably running Windows 10, but, if I have to use Windows 7, that’s okay. Again, the goal is to restore the Bootcamp on a Windows computer and not another MAC.

  1. Can I do this at all?
  2. Should I upgrade Winclone? Running the old El Capitan OS and unable to use a newer OS, would I even be able to upgrade to a newer Winclone version?
  3. Before I move it to another computer, I would be making a copy on an external drive through one of the remaining functioning USB ports on the old MAC
  4. I’m wondering if it is even possible to even restore it to another computer if it is not a MAC. Probably not?
  5. If I do get another MAC and restore it from the Winclone image on a brand new MAC computer running the latest OS vs. El Capitan, is that possible or will I have issues?
  6. Finally, can I create the image of my Bootcamp and run it as a virtual machine or is there some other option to use my Bootcamp as a stand alone Windows 7 image on another computer.
    Thank You.
  1. Windows systems have a different partition layout so it may be difficult to get it up and running easily.
  2. I would recommend upgrading when you need to to support the version of macOS.
  3. OK.
  4. Probably not.
  5. Depends on the model of Mac. Newer Macs do not support Windows 7.
  6. Using VMWare, you can import the Boot Camp partition to a VM or run the virtual machine directly off the Boot Camp partition.

Hope that helps!

Thank You for responding, tperfitt. Your answers are disappointing, but, correct, I’m sure. I’d like to see if anyone else has any feedback before closing this. Thanks.