Profiles via JAMF

So far it seems that the profiles for Boot Runner made on the website don’t work. Now, that could be a syntax issue, I’m not sure. The site is making .mobileconfig files which are a plist, but the format may differ in some way? The issue is that you can’t load a .mobileconfig into custom profiles in JAMF, you have to load a .plist. Changing the extension allows the upload, and there is a lot of stuff in it, but the settings don’t seem to actually work.

Any ideas on this? There a guide I’m missing on how to convert formats?

I just tried it and it works with our instance. Here is what I did:

  1. Log into JSS
  2. Select Computers -> Configuration Profiles
  3. Click Upload in upper right.
  4. Choose my config.mobileconfig file and click Upload.
  5. I then see this:

I know that Chrome can change the extension to a file so that may be causing issue.


HA! Learn something every day. I was trying to upload into the configuration profile where you have to specify the domain and upload a plist. I somehow forgot you could just upload a mobileconfig at the parent level to create a new profile from it.

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