Question about HTTP install

So I just discovered your product and have been diving back into the world of Apple to try and get a better imaging solution down. I’ve created a USB and that works great. Today I’ve been trying to get HTTP working but have been having some trouble. After I mount the folder and run the script Imagr will load and will say “No writable volumes found”. We’re an ITAD company and erase all the drives before reselling them, so the drive is there, it’s just in an uninitialized state. If I erase the drive there and name it the workflow then kicks off. Is this the problem, or am I missing something simple?

When you erase the drive, can you format it back to an APFS volume? If not, you could have a custom run scripts (added in 2.2) that formats the drive. You could also format it first in Disk Utility in recovery then run the workflow.