Quick Install not doing anything

MacMini 2012 on Catalina. Created the Bootcamp volume via Boot Camp Assistant but didn’t install. I’m able to select the Bootcamp volume, press Quick Install and it greys out but nothing happens.

I am having the same problem on Catalina, did you find any solutions?

No. I just installed using native BC tools. Maybe @tperfitt has a suggestion that natively works.

Hello i have exactly the same issue with Macbook pro 13 inch late 2011 on Big Sur
Can twocanoes help ?

i wonder if this is only on legacy macs. We only tested on EFI Macs. I’ll see if we have an older one to test on.


I am having the same problem, and will request a refund if it cannot be resolved, because I purchased Winclone to do this.
Mid-2012 MacBook Pro 13" (A1278) running Catalina (10.15.7). Recently replaced my HD with an OtherWorld Computing Mercury Extreme Pro SSD. Trying to install Windows 10. Same results as in original post. I select the ISO (recently downloaded from Microsoft) and the Windows Support folder (created as described in your instructions) and the BOOTCAMP volume, click Install, and all that happens is the “Install” button immediately grays out. No progress bar, no error messages, nothing installs. (This is Winclone 10 Standard, recently purchased.)