RAW-partition after Restore

Hello, my name is Bernd and my problem is:
Windows 10 does not recognize the restored NTFS-partition, shows it as RAW.
HW: iMac 20,2, Intel i7
SW: Big Sur 11.6; Winclone 10.0 (50054);
Bootcamp: latest Windows 10 up to date;

  1. Creating Image from volume: OK
  2. Restore Image to another USD SSD: OK
  3. Mount USB SSD in Big Sur, checking Data: OK
  4. Reboot to Windows, mounting USB-SSD: Partition should be formatted, partition manager shows it as RAW !
  5. Mount the USB-SSD on pure Windows PC: same problem !
    Took different Disks, SSD and HDD, no success.
    What could be the problem?
    Thank you for Support.

Greetings, Bernd

If you view it in Disk Utility in macOS, does it correctly show as NTFS?


Hi Tim,
yes, DiskUtil and iPartition show the partition as NTFS. All files are readable. Under Win10 I find EFI + RAW partition, as big as the whole disk! There must be a incomp. with the partition table.
Greetings, Bernd