Read Error during Winclone Restore (exit code 255!)

I’m trying to restore a Windows 7 Winclone image backup onto a dedicated new ssd disk that will only contain Windows

At the 46% progress, Winclone terminates with a read error and exit code of 255!

From the log:

Winclone: 46.44 percent completed
Winclone: VERBOSE STDERR: 46.44 percent completed
Winclone: VERBOSE STDERR: pigz:
Winclone: VERBOSE STDERR: abort: read error on /Volumes/BootCampBU/BC-2022-01-17.winclone/boot.img.gz
Winclone: VERBOSE STDERR: Waiting for pigz DONE
Winclone: step is 2
Winclone: Restoring Filesystem failed with exit code 255!

My 2nd backup Winclone image (stored on the same backup disk), terminates with the same error (at the 4% mark)

Both these Winclone images were created (and restore attempted) using Winclone 4.4, on a High Sierra OS (Mac Pro 5,1)

What can I do to resolve/ fix this and do a complete restore?

thank you!

This is usually an indication that there is an error in the winclone image. You can try unzipping Volumes/BootCampBU/BC-2022-01-17.winclone/boot.img.gz manually in the Finder just to see if it succeeds. My guess is that it is somehow corrupted. It is strange that it happened on 2 different images. It could also be a filesystem error. Did you run CHKDSK /b on the source before creating the image?