Reboot hangs on package installation loop

When rebooting the target Mac (after successful MDS install on the target) the screen right after the OS install loops at:

100% completed


30 of 30

then repeats forever. I believe these are the packages being installed and one (or more) is failing. I’ve removed all but two known working packages and it works. The question is how to find which packages are being problematic?

I am currently going thru the binary processor identifying the bad package, but I have to recreate the MDS stick each time, and run the the imaging process again. I was hoping for a quicker solution! Some are bare packages (MS Office), some are DMGs that were massaged into packs by MDS (Firefox, G Drive…).

Where are the logs for the package installs located?

–using Catalina and MDS v4 latest


The logs are located in /var/log/install.log.