Recovery from Windows 10 crash when using Winclone 5.7

Running MacOS High Sierra v 10.13.6.
Winclone 5.7 does not run on this version of OS hence upgraded to Winclone 7.
Using 5.7 I only saved/backed up all my Apps, Data, Documents etc, no operating system, via Winclone 5.7 onto a USB drive, no image was created just a file structure.
I am now trying to reinstall Windows 10 via Bootcamp assist. I assume I need to erase the corrupted Bootcamp partition first.
But first I want to get my last 5.7 update into Winclone 7 as an image in order to load it into the new Bootcamp partition once Windows is installed. This I hope is possible as I have all my files, apps, data etc on that 5.7 back up. I tried a few ways in Winclone without success.
Help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Winclone normally backs up the OS as well. Can you explain a bit more when you said “no operating system”?