Removing pagefile with the update 6.2.2. (20059)

Winclone standard. macOS 10.13.4 .with the update 6.2.2. (20059) is a save of a win10 part. not possible. progress bar stops with removing pagefile.
I would like to reinstall the previous version. How can I get these.
Thanks Andreas

We don’t currently offer older downloads of the same major version, but I can send you a link to troubleshoot the issue. I don’t think it will make much difference since that part of the app didn’t change. 6.2.2 just had some UI updates for those that had high contrast turned on:

I’ll send you a link via direct message. Let me know if it resolves the issue.


I only used Winclone Standard a couple of time after I bought it. Today I have a need to back up my bootcamp partition on my mac but I ran into the same error - Winclone 6.2.2 stuck at Removing Pagefile…
Prior to this it was stuck at “Preparing…” so I changed to the block-based according to the online community. Now I am going nowhere with this. Please help!!!

The first step is to boot into Windows and run chkdsk:

and see if it returns any errors and can fix them.