Repeating boot cycle


Both mac and windows options are available at the boot selection screen but when i choose windows it simply reboots and displays the same selection screen.



Do the Mac boot into windows correctly if you select Windows via the Startup Disk System Preference?




I have EXACTLY the same problem.

Additionally, when I try to select Windows via the Startup Disk System Preference, OSX Gives me a “The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk” error.

Please help us; we want to be able to use your software to get around Apple’s idiocy, just to be able to use in the same manner what we used before.

I’ve also tried Boot Champ and Quick Boot, but without any success.

I also tried using the Bless command to Bless the windows volume, but without success.

Currently, I’m running a 5,1 Mac Pro with a newly installed Radeon RX 580, and just can’t access the Windows partition any longer. Incidentally, the Windows volume is a partition on the same disk that also contains my OSX boot partition.



This is usually related to either SIP or boot mode of Windows (legacy or EFI). Has anything changed recently with the Boot Camp partition?




Nothing whatsoever.

I was concerned that the combination of installing the Radeon RX 580, along side an upgrade to Mojave might be a source for concern, but there’s nothing I could find on the Internet that would corroborate that suspicion. I have a slight background in tech support, for what it’s worth, and those were the only changes made to my system.

I was wondering how many other Boot Runner users have run into this problem, and what was the solution that corrected the issue; if you can find that out for me, we could try such as solution, or solutions, and solve the problem through the process of elimination.

By the way, I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.


Chris Repchik



You could try running Winclone and using the Tools->Set Legacy Bootable and see if that resolves the error message when selecting the startup disk.




One slight problem: I’d actually have to pay money to use the function you describe.

I don’t see any point in purchasing software for only one particular function, that I would only use once, one that may not even work … unless you guys can give me a full refund afterwards, or perhaps a time-limited license key, just to see if that particular feature makes the partition accessible.

I’m completely happy paying for Boot Runner after the 14-day trial expires, as long as it ends up being something I will be using on a daily basis to access my Windows partition … but we have to get there first.

Do you know of any alternatives to make my Windows 7 partition accessible?