Replacing disk in an older MacBook Pro

I have an old MacBook Pro (2009) running OS 10.11.6. (This is the latest Mac OS this computer can run.) In the Boot Camp partition I am running Windows 7. The old machine needs a new hard disk so this was purchased. It is not clear to me how to use Winclone (I am new to Winclone) to help image the new disk. Please add or correct as necessary, but I think I should follow the following steps:

1 Use Firewire to connect the new disk (mounted in a temporary enclosure) to the old Mac.
2 Partition the new HD with Disk Utility and create a Boot Camp partition the same size as current.
3 Install OS 10.11.6 on the new disk and migrate the old Mac apps and documents to the Mac
partition on the new disk.
(Do I need to use SysPrep at this point on Windows 7?)
4 Use Winclone (version?) to clone the old partition to the new. (Is this a straightforward operation?)
5 Move the new disk out of the temporary enclosure and put it in the old Mac.

Appreciate any help or advice you can provide.



The process you have outlined is correct. A good place to start is here:

You don’t have to use sysprep if the hardware you are restore the image to is the same or similar enough so other drivers in Windows are not needed.


Just wanted to report on the outcome of the process. After installing Winclone 6 I attempted to clone the original disk and got error messages. A little more research led to the chkdsk command in Windows 7. This was run as outlined. [Never knew chkdsk was something I should have been doing routinely!!] Retried to clone the boot camp volume and the process stopped after a very brief period without any notification. [The progress bar just never progressed beyond about 1/16".] I saw some recommendations here that block cloning might be more successful. After some hunting I found the block cloning choice in Preferences. Checked it and tried to clone the disk directly to the new hard disk. Again this did not work. However, I was able to clone to an image file and then restore that image file to the boot camp partition on the new disk.

If anyone else has the need to move boot camp with Windows 7 to a new disk on the same old machine, the key points were run chkdsk in Windows, use block cloning, and clone to an intermediate image file.

I am now up and running without a glitch. Thanks for all of your help.


What do you mean you were able to clone an image file and restore that file to the boot camp? How did you do that?
I’m trying to copy my windows 8 bootcamp on the HDD to a SSD that I want to replace in my 2011 macbook pro, and i’m having trouble with it.

When I chose the bootcamp partition to backup/clone I had the choice of two icons on the right side of the window: backup to the new bootcamp partition (which didn’t work) or save the backup as a file image. I chose the latter and as stated earlier I also had to do this via the block copy method vs the default Wim copy method. The block copy method is activated in the preferences window.

Once the backup image file has been created, it is “restored” to the new bootcamp partition. In other words it now becomes a source file on the left side of the window and can be restored to the new bootcamp partition on the right side of the window. Of course, before any of this was done I ran chkdsk in Windows 7 to identify any problematic spots on the old disk.

Hope this helps. Happy to answer questions on what I did.