Reprogramming the ItsyBitsy

I’m confused about how Arduino firmware works. If I wanted to repurpose my ItsyBitsy so I can upload sketches with the Arduino IDE, do I need to upload new firmware? If I do, I believe I need to download the original firmware and upload it with avrdude. I think “Caterina_itsybitsy5V.hex” is the correct firmware, found at this url.

After pressing the ItsyBitsy button twice quickly, I think the command I would use to upload this is something like.

/Applications/ -p m32u4 -p avr109 -P /dev/tty.usbmodem14101 -C /Applications/ -U flash:w:Caterina_itsybitsy5V.hex

Is this right?

Never mind. I couldn’t upload to my ItsyBitsy for some reason, and that’s why I thought the bootloader was removed. But I found out that I just was waiting too long after I double pressed the physical button to click the upload button in the Arduino IDE.

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