REQUEST: Change Chromebook Enrollment Timing

Would it be possible to get functionality added in the “CONFIGURE CHROMEBOOK AUTOMATON,” to adjust the timing of when inputs happen? Some of the chromebooks we are enrolling are taking longer at certain screens so it throws off all of the following inputs.


Sure. let me know what tweaks you need on what screens, and what values. I can also expose those values (if needed) in the configure sheet.


Thanks for considering this.
I think it would be the delay time between each of the screens, most importantly (Wifi -> TOS) (TOS -> ENROLLMENT). Exposing the values would be huge. Being able to tweak it during configuration to tailor it to the chromebook and how it is acting, would be invaluable.

I did also find that our enrollment password had an apostrophe in it, but when running it through the CENTIPEDE it didn’t actually produce an apostrophe, it added what seems like the HTML code for the symbol (&#39).

Let me know if you need more details.

Thank you,

PS If possible the centipede script, itself, has a fair amount of variables that can be set, so having those as options in the configuration could be very helpful too.

I was really pleased to see that the defaults worked with our new Lenovo Chromebooks. I have not tried with our older Dells.


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I added in the variables that I thought would be commonly tweaked, and then would expose those as people requested. I wanted to avoid customization overload. Thanks for the details. I’ll check out the TOS settings.

I filed an feature request here:

feel free to follow and/or submit your own issues. That is what we use when adding features.