Request for refund

I submitted a refund request over 1 week ago, but still haven’t received any responses or refund.

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I was about to post this same exact thing. I submitted a request for a refund three-ish weeks ago, did not get any refund within the “2-3 business days”. Submitted a second refund request, still did not get a refund… I have no idea what is going on but am getting a bit upset, as I do not want to be outside of the 90-day cancellation and be stuck with the product, when it did not work (after spending a week troubleshooting).

You need to submit it here:

If you did that and didn’t get a response, please send a direct message with the email you used to purchase and I’ll follow up on it.


Submitted a third request on Monday with no luck. Also, I cannot send a DM because there is no “message button” when I select your avatar.

Email support@twocanoes with your order number or purchasing email? I can then process your refund.

Thanks. please check your inbox.

Turns out that refunds requests were not being forwarded to our support system and were backed up. Sorry about that. We are working through the backlog and should have all the requests processed in the next day or so (it was more than just refund requests–lots of information requests and questions).

Again, I apologize for the delay and will make sure they all get processed in a timely manner.