Resize Partition


Just purchased Standard 7.3.2 and I don’t see an option to re-size the Bootcamp partition.

The instructions i see on-line are from older versions and don’t look the same as what I have.


The option is still there if you turn on block based imaging in the preferences. However, if you are using file-based imaging, you no longer need to compress the filesystem. It just works.


You say the option is there, but when I select block based, nothing changes. I have been trying to get this to work for 3 days now. I thought I successfully cloned my bootcamp, but even though it showed up as a startup option, it actually booted to the original Bootcamp, and not the new one.

It won’t clone from volume to volume, it gets errors. I paid for this to make it easy. Yet I am still no closer to cloning my Bootcamp. If I could find something, anything that would work that doesn’t require me to learn code, I would buy it. I am currently trying one more thing with winclone; making an image to see if I can resize/clone to new volume bootcamp partition. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I commented in a different thread…