Resize/ sysprep sequence

I am using Winclone 6 on a 10.12.6 iMac on which I need to change the internal HD. While I am doing this I want to reduce the size of the Bootcamp partition as well as migrate everything to the new HD. I have made an image of the partition as it is as a back up, but for the image that I am actually going to use to transfer the partition in what sequence do I run the resize and SysPrep. Do I boot into Windows and run SysPrep and then reboot into MacOS and then run resize? Looking at the image I have already created there does not seem to be a ‘shrink’ option when I control click on any icon. Is this facility not available in Winclone 6?

You no longer need to shrink in Winclone 6 if you are using the file (wim) based imaging. You can restore it to any partition that will fit the data.