Resizing bootcamp partition - steps for high sierra


Resizing my bootcamp partition of Win10. Before I go ahead and delete my bootcamp partition, I’d like to just make sure I am doing this correctly.

Running high sierra (most recent). I made a backup of my bootcamp partition using winclone (it is smaller than my partition-my bootcamp c drive is about 400gb, but the winclone is only 220gb).

From what I understand, I will use bootcamp assistant to delete my bootcamp partition, then recreate the bootcamp partition in the new size. When and how do I restore the winclone backup to that partition? When do I stop the process of re-installing windows in bootcamp assistant?

Do I need to do anything else to make this work? Very nervous about deleting my windows partition…

I should add that I have a 3tb fusion drive, so that is why I am directed to use bootcamp assistant to make the partition.

Make sure that you have a good backup of the file data, since you are going to be erasing everything. You are also going to be changing the partition table, so make sure you have a good copy of the Mac data (and anything else) on the drive.

I recently created a video showing how to create a new boot camp partition:

can the partition be done through disk utility if you have a 3tb fusion drive?

Yes, it is done exactly the same way. Additional partitions are always put it in on the physical drive.