Restore a Winclone image

Restoring a Winclone Image to Boot Camp using Winclone

Restoring a Winclone image to a Boot Camp partition is simple. First, you must have created an image using Winclone. That image should show up under Sources. If it does not show up, drag the image from the Finder to Sources. You also must have created a Boot Camp partition and it must be formatted as FAT32, xFAT or NTFS. The volume is reformatted during the restore process, but the requirement for FAT32, xFAT or NTFS is to prevent you from selecting the wrong partition.

Select the image under Sources, and you will see your Boot Camp partition show up under Destinations:

Select Restore to Volume… and you will be asked to verify. Click Restore. The Boot Camp partition will now be restored:

Once the image is restored, it is now ready.

While cloning using winclone 6, an internal bootcamp partition to an external drive, the bar seems complete but several hours after the bar disappears still displays restoring.

I can however I can see the external drive with files and folders.

Does being able to access the external partition suggest completion.

You can check the log by going to the Windows menu and selecting Open Console Log.

Are you doing a disk to disk clone? Try saving the image then restoring.