Restore Bootcamp image to Parallels 14

I made a backup of my Windows 10 bootcamp install using the option for moving Windows to another computer. It’s the one that requires you to run sysprep before backing up.

Now, I’m on my new iMac running Mojave, and I’d like to create a Parallels Virtual Machine from the image instead of a bootcamp install.

My first attempt was to

  1. Restore backup to image file ( it creates a sparsebundle file )
  2. Open Parallels control center and select “create Virtual Machine from image”
    It would not select the sparse bundle image.
    I tried changing the extension to .dmg, that didn’t work either.
    It said that it did not detect an OS .

So, what are my options here? Am I forced to create a boot camp install ? Parallels can convert that to a VM , and then I can delete the bootcamp install / partition.

That is a lot of work, so I am hoping that there is another way.


I am not aware of a different way. Let me know how it goes.


Did you manage to solve this problem?

I have the exact same situation, I cannot use the image generated with WinClone.

I tried to export the bootcamp partition with Parallels but it was not able to create a VM from the bootcamp partition, only a 1.6Mb file that reads data from bootcamp.