Restore Bootcamp partition

Recently I decided to expand my boot camp partition on my MacBook Pro running the latest Catalina OS. Made a mirror image backup and saved it to the MacBook hard drive and an SSD drive as a precaution. Then I deleted the Boot Camp partition. When I attempted to create a new Boot Camp partition I found that I needed to download a Windows 10 ISO to proceed and later required going through the lengthy windows setup. Restoration worked 99% ok with the latest Winclone. For the future can I avoid needing the Windows 10 ISO file and the lengthy windows setup for this procedure? Thanks.

Why did you need the Windows ISO?


The Mac OS required it to setup a new boot camp partition. Couldn’t find another work around.

You can use Disk Utility to create the boot camp partition:


I attempted to use Mac latest Catalina OS Disk Utility but it created a Mac formatted partition and not the NTFS formatted windows partition required by boot camp. So I erased the new partition and went to the Boot Camp utility. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly that restoring the Winclone mirror image required an NTFS partition of adequate size as the destination. Would restoring the mirror image have automatically reformatted the Mac partition into a Boot Camp partition and avoided the need for the ISO file? Thanks.

Got it! Thanks very much.

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