Restore does not show the windows version winclone 7.3 on MAcOS Mojave 10.14.6

I save an bootcamp as a winclone image. I am now trying to restore it. as shown in the image below:

the issue is perhaps that the window version does not show in the box below select source after I have selected the winclone file.

When I click restore image, nothing happens. I am on MacoS Mojave 10.14.6
I would appreciate any assistance

TRied with Winclone 8 and get this error messange

[WARNING] “/Users/XXx/XXXX/WINDOWSBACKUP.winclone/Windows.wim” does not contain integrity information. Skipping integrity check.
Entity: line 1: parser error : Document is empty

[ERROR] Unable to parse the WIM file’s XML document!
ERROR: Exiting with error code 73:
The XML data of the WIM is invalid.
Please help

That means that the image is corrupt. Winclone will do an integrity check when the image is created so presumably it was good when it was created. Did you move / copy the image from a different location?