Restore Error - cannot copy BCD to Windows partition

I have upgraded to Winclone 7 and I am no longer able to backup in a Macbook Pro 2015 and restore on a Macbook Pro 2011. This did work with Winclone 6 using File Based Backup. The error I am getting is:

Restore Error
Could not copy BCD to Windows partition. This version of windows may not support legacy booting.

I see the problem in the logs. When Windows is fresh installed on a Mac that only supports EFI booting, the files that allow Windows to legacy boot are not part of the Windows installation. When an image is taken and restored on a older machine that only supports legacy booting, Winclone doesn’t have the files available to make the Windows 10 legacy bootable. If you had created the image on the 2011 Mac and restored it on the 2015 Mac, it would have worked fine. We did discover this issue in our QA, but didn’t see a lot of people migrating from a EFI only Mac (generally 2015 or later) to a legacy only Mac (generally earlier that 2013).