Restore Error- Could not be mounted read/write

I’m trying to use Winclone 7 to clone my bootcamp partition from an old hard drive to a second SSD installed in place of my ODD in my mid-2011 MBP. I plugged in my old hard drive (which no longer boots correctly in either windows or mac) using a SATA to USB cable and used the volume to volume cloning tool. It got most of the way, but then it gave me this message.
The new SSD will not boot in windows now but it seems to have transferred all the files. I tried using the mount read/write tool on the new SSD, but I got this error message:

“Error Mounting Read/Write
The volume could be mounted read/write. Please run CHKDSK and turn off hibernation in Windows and then try again.”

Is there a way to turn off hibernation without running windows on either drive? If not, does anyone have any other ideas to get Windows running on the new SSD?

Hi Daniel,
I’ll try to give some suggestions as your issue is similar to what I had.
You may want to review my “Clone BootCamp from external SSD”. My first recommendation, if not too late, make an image of the old BootCamp Windows partition before you do anything else. Second step you’ll want to run Sysprep on the old BootCamp Windows Generalized to remove the old settings and drivers so they do not interfere with the new machine. To save me from repeating the procedue I’ll let you search through the blog to find out how to do that. It’s not a difficult process but follow the instructions carefully and make sure the Generalize block is checked and the shut down (not restart) window is enabled. This process has helped many people.
After you have the old one generalized create a new image on the new machine. You don’t mention what level of MacOS you’re using but you may have to disable the SIP. You will find this out when you try to do the restore. After the restore hopefully you’ll have windows running on the new machine. If not, you may have to change the EFI or Legacy bootable, but this should not be needed.
As I said my issue is a bit different and this is where I’m stuck, but you don’t have the extra issue I have.
Good luck. and let us know how you make out.

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