Restore error / could not copy BCD

Hi , i tried several times to clone my perfectly working windows 8.1 partition in my sierra mac pro 5.1 to a msdos formatted hard disk in one of it s drive bays using winclone 7 latest version. Using clone volume to volume.

Sadly i get a restore error: “ could not copy BCD to windows partition This version of Windows may not support legacy booting.
After checking the just finished clone is not recognised.

I also tried create image to volume. Then i get : cloning error there was an error while imaging. Please check the volume and try again. status 72

I suppose windows 8.1 is supported in winclone 7?

Am i overlooking something?

My mac pro drive bays and optical bays all contain hard drives. I tried again after ejecting all unused hard drives. But that did not solve the issue.

Hope someone at twocanoes can help me out.


After partitioning the the target drive with a mac and a MSdos partition Tried to clone the volume to the MSdos partition. Still an error… " Could not copy BCD to Windows partition. This version of Windows may not support legacy booting"
Do you have any other suggestion>

thnx in advance

Please try saving the image and then restoring it to the new partition.


Thnx tim , that solved the issue.:blush: takesquite a long time for winclone to clone from image but i have my clone. Very happy. Have a nice day.

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