Restore error: Error mounting EFI parition

I’m trying to restore a Windows image, created in Winclone 6, to a bootcamp partition on my Macbook pro (running Sierra). I’m receiving a restore error: error mounting EFI partition. Running diskutil mount disk0s1 in a terminal window returns the following: Volume on disk0s1 failed to mount: “Device is blocked”

The same thing happens when attempting to restore from two different Windows images. What is the resolution for this error?

It is probably related to security software. Do you have Microsoft SCEP installed? This blocks mounting of the EFI partition.


I have the same problem on Catalina with Winclone 8. Trying to restore Windows 10 to my internal BOOTCAMP SSD

2020-06-27T13:06:26+02:00:Extracting file data: 10 GiB of 10 GiB (100%) done
2020-06-27T13:06:26+02:00:Last message repeated 23 times
2020-06-27T13:06:26+02:00:Extracting file data, 90.000000% complete
2020-06-27T13:06:26+02:00:Done applying WIM image.
2020-06-27T13:06:29+02:00:Error mounting EFI on disk /dev/disk1