Restore error on EFI file. Winclone 6,

Dear All;

I made a backup on my MacBook pro late 2013 macos sierra and i’m trying to restore it on my 2015 MacBook but at the end of the restore it come up with efi file restore error. Any solution? Also do I need to purchase licence for every device I want to use winclone? when I installed it on my new MacBook it come up with invalid licence so I had to purchase new licence…

The EFI error could be related to the EFI partition not existing. Can you try mounting the EFI partition manually:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run this command:
    diskutil mount disk0s1

See if you get an error. If not, see if the EFI partition mounts on the desktop.

As for licensing, you get 1 license with Winclone Basic, 2 with Winclone standard, and 50 with Winclone Pro.


Hello Tim,

I seem to be having a similar issue that was reported by the OP and a few other users I’ve seen in your forum. When I restore a Winclone image to a bootcamp partition, I get an error about restoring the EFI. I’ve followed your steps above, and the EFI partition does mount. If you could let me know what to do next, that would be appreciated.

You can try disabling SIP. If that doesn’t work, submit the log via the help menu and I’ll check it out.