Restore failure(code 28)

An error occurred during the restore process(Winclone Basic6.1.6).
Please tell me how to deal with it.
error:WIM-based restore failure with error code 28
computer:MacBook Air
OS:macOS High Sierra

There appears to be an issue with the WIM based image. Specifically, there error is:


Do you have access to the prior disk? If so, you can try and create an image again or create a block-based image (set in the preferences).


Thank you for answering.
Is it possible to execute the restore processing normally after collecting the backup image using the latest version of the program (6.1.7) from the disk in the current state?

If it did the restore completely, but it did have the error. I would view the current image with suspicion.


I have exactly the same problem. Only difference: Macbook Pro 17" Mid 2010
How can I get back my datas? Please help me

I would recommend restoring to a disk image and verifying that the data restored. If not, you can get access to the data that does restore.


I even paid additional money for an upgrade to restore to a disc image, but it failed again with the same error message. i am deeply disappointed of you and I expect, that I at least get back my money.
For the future: Can you promise, that Backups with Block based imaging don’t produce such trouble?

Please submit a refund request here:

We do still offer block-based cloning in the preferences. By default, Winclone uses WIM-based imaging, which does a file-based clone.