Restore from Disk Image Issue with scripts and Packages folder

I am trying to use the Restore from Disk Image. I used AutoDMG to create this image and it restores great.
The issue I have, it that is not running the scripts that installs software and copies some files.
This is a great feature as things restore a lot faster!!!



did you have the scripts set to run after macOS is installed? I am still tweaking this option so any feedback would be great!

Where is this ‘restore from disk image’ option?

hmm i don’t seem to have that option. Is this an option for licensed users?

It is part of the current MDS 2 PreBeta:

We hope to release the week after next.


Hi there,

So I am currently experiencing a similar issue. I recreated a new enroll package with Jamf Recon, signed it and have our management account manage it. Its weird the package installed and our configuration profiles installed. However the log shows it failed. I have the log file if needed.