Restore Image not working at all

Hi, I am trying to Restore a Winclone Image on my new mac mini 2014, but it’s not working at all.

I have Winclone 7.3.2 Standard registered.

I select Restore Image - Source - Destination - Restore Image - Warning message “Restore Image to Volume? - Are you sure you want to restore the image 030119.winclone to the volume BOOTCAMP? All data will be on this volume will be erased. You should have a backup of all data on all partitions prior to restoring since the disk partion table is modified and data loss could occur.” - Restore

It goes back to the main Winclone windows without restoring and no other message.

Please help me.


Just one easy try, hopefully helps. Use BootCamp Assistant to remove existing partition and then recreate it again using the BootCamp Assistant. Good luck…

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