Restore to external device or two bootcamp partitions possible?

Hi folks,

I’m a registered Winclone Customer for several years now and I’m very satisfied with this product at all! Currently I’m running Winclone 9 Standard on my MBP with MacOS Big Sur 11.5.1.

What I want to know is if it’s possible to restore a Winclone 9 image (of Windows 10) from the Bootcamp Partition to an external USB SSD so that I can boot from it when the Mac’s starts.

If not, is it possible to have to Bootcamp partitions parall on my MBP so that I can choose which one to start?

The reason for this is that I’ve two different Windows 10 installations, one older one which works with special firewire drivers needed for an older drum scanner (and which I don’t want to upgrade because I can’t access the scanner afterwards anymore) and a newer one which which is up to date but can’t operate the scanner.

If both solution are not possible, what would you suggest to have two different W10 installations available? The option to restore the one I need each time from Winclone image is to much time consuming.

Any help would be greatly appriciated!



Well, nobody answered so far. What a pity! Either my topic is out of interest or nobody knows a solution.

So I had support myself and found this posting and video.

Trying to perform the steps mention in it I wasn’t able to use the ‘Volume to Volume Cloning’ feature. After some research I found my Winclone 9 version doesn’t fit, i.e. doesn’t support ‘Volume to Volume Cloning’ because it’s a feature of the ‘pro’ release and I only have several generations of ‘basic’ (in former times) und ‘standard’ releases which fulfil any needs over years - until now.

But, now just for one time restoring one (exactly one) Winclone Windows image to an external disk I should upgrade to the ‘pro’ release and have to pay 531 € for it?

Well, guys, may be I’m a little bit stupid but not crazy! 531 € for a one time use of this feature is far, far too much!

If there is another, i.e. cheaper solution available please let my know. Otherwise I’ll find another solution myself. Winclone is a great tool and the price for the standard edition in relation to its comfort and time saving is o.k… But 531 € for a one time action is (I don’t want to write down what I think).

If I didn’t get any answer here ins this forum or by PM I’ll find my own solution and will post it here or in another mac forum. Promise!

Please know, I’m an IT professional with for over 35 years knowledge in kernel and device driver development for several OS and so for far I fixed every problem I got. So why not diving a little bit deeper into MacOS and Mac infrastructure?



Hi Moosehead

I’ve just upgraded to v9 running on my Macbook Pro 2015, 15" and was attempting to clone win 10 on an external ssd drive to another external ssd drive (making a bootable win 10 copy) though I get an error (There was an error durning the disk to disk clone. There maybe a problem with one volumes or the disks). Would this be the same or similar issue you are having? I did read that the std version will clone a bootable Win 10 from an external drive to another external drive. I’ve checked the parameters…format MS-DOS (fat)…Scheme GUID Partition Map…I’ve erased and redone the drive and the source drive works fine when I boot from it on my Mac.

So, to answer your question, as I read it, you should be able to clone to an external drive, Volume to Volume using the standard version. I’ve attached a photo below.