Restore Winclose image that wasn't syspreped?

I need to restore a Winclone image file to a new computer but neglected to SYSPREP the old computer before doing the Winclone. The old computer no longer boots (it’s broken). I suspect I can successfully get the drive out of it and make it an external drive. But obviously I won’t be able to boot from that or SYSPREP it, can I? Is there a way to either restore from the un-sysprepped Winclone image file or from the drive out of the old computer? I have Winclone 6 but am on Mojave with the new computer so I presume I will need to buy an upgrade for Winclone, right?
Don Worth

If you’re just restoring an image you don’t need to sysprep, you run sysprep if you’re going to have both the original image and the restored image on the same network.

You could always restore the image and run sysprep afterwards, if need to.

Thanks. I guess I will just give it a try and see what happens.

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