Restore Windows 7 to a 2020 Mac mini

Not able to restore my Image
From Mac Book Pro early 2011 running MacOS 10.13.6 (image made with Winclone 7)
To Mac mini 2020 Running MacOS 10.15.6 (using Winclone 8)

After Restoring, not able to inject the SSD drivers (they are not selectable, see image)
Tried EPI /Legacy bootable all I get is a black screen…
Is there a way to restore the image on my new Mac?
Please advise
Thank you

Windows 7 will not work on the 2020 Mac Mini. It is not supported and does not boot (unrelated to Winclone).


That is reassuring, after spending hours and trying almost everything …
But why is Winclone sold as " * Supports restoring images created with prior versions of Winclone (Windows 7 and above)?
I have unfortunately then no use for the product (I have Win 7 and a new Mac) can I get a refund?
Thanx for checking


Sure, just submit a request here: