Restored Bootcamp Displays Black screen then shuts off

Hi Everyone,

I have successfully created an image, and then turned it into a package to deploy on my macs. Some work just as they should, others however when you boot into Windows, are displayed nothing but a black screen; which it sits for approx 1-3 minutes then shuts the imac off. Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve, as the image is working as it should on 50% of my computers.

Image is of Windows 10 Pro. Mac is Sierra and High Sierra. However I wouldn’t think that mac os would make a difference for Bootcamp partition boot.


Is there any difference between the hardware? It could be driver issues. I might help to run syspref prior to creating the image.


Thanks, I used Sysprep and it still behaves that way. Black screen, no circle loading screen, and then shuts off. Trying to figure out why it won;t even give a system error or anything.

It’s a 2013 image going to a 2015, so I’d expect something a little different. I syspreped with generalize so it should load regardless of drivers. It just load a a black screen and the powers off

Since you are a winclone pro customer, send a message here:

and we can set up a call to investigate.