Restored Clone won't boot

Hi. I just purchased an upgrade from Winclone 4 to v8, and they graciously supplied licenses for prev versions (Thank you!).

I have a Mac Pro 2010 (5,1) running macOS 11 ElCap (latest), and had installed Win10 on a separate hard drive using BootCamp. I used Winclone 6 to successfully create an image file. I have twice tried restoring the image to a new HD (used DiskUtil to format GUID/Exfat; in same position as old, slot 1; removed old Win drive). Both times, told that restore was successful, but when I try booting (either Startup Disk or option at boot), I get a “post”, but then screen goes black with a (DOS-style) blinking cursor, and boot halts.

Please advise what I may be doing incorrectly?


It could be related to legacy versus EFI booting. Try switching between them and see if that resolves the issue: