Restored Winclone Image misses all encrypted files

I’ve used Winclone for a long time, and I’ve created numerous Winclone images of my Bootcamp system partition on several Macs over the years. Now, for the first time, I actually had to restore a system image after a serious Windows crash. I’ve used the standard Windows EFS encryption on my user directory with all settings and documents. And to my shock and surprise, all these encrypted files were missing on the restored image, basically invalidating the whole effort.

I read that Winclone had issues with Bitlocker, but I never read that there was an issue with EFS as well. I guess there is no way to restore those missing files? Any help would be appreciated.

It would be great if others would share their experience with this issue. I’d like to figure out if Winclone is unable to include NTFS filesystem-level encryption (EFS) files in the image - in general - or if there is something wrong with my system.

My Winclone image(s) contained a Windows 7 Ultimate partition. The images were created on a MacBook Pro with Winclone 6 and 7 running on macOS High Sierra.


It may be due to file-based cloning. Please try switching to block-based cloning in the preferences.


This is true; I used file-based cloning. Is this a known issue that EFS encrypted files are ignored and left out of Winclone’s file-based WIM images?

Thanks for reporting the issue. We were not aware of the issue until you reported it. We use WIMLIB to capture the file-based images and it supports EFS encrypted files. I’ll have to do some further testing to determine the issue.