Restored Windows 7 boot to black screen

Experienced a serious problem when migrating my 2013 iMac to a new iMac. The 2013 target computer froze when using the Migration Assistant. This also hosed up my Window 7 Bootcamp portion on the older 2013 iMac. I tried to restore it using my Winclone backup. I did this with a erased with a MS-DOS (FAT 32) and Winclone restore completed.

The 2013 iMac tries to boots in windows. I after a start time the computer chimes and the screen stays dark.

Do you have any suggestions?

FYI , I did upgrade and install Winclone 8 on my new 2020 iMac
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Do you have any idea if the Windows is booted? You may want to try booting it to Safe Mode in windows.


The computer is not completing a reboot. I get a blue screen and then a black screen. I restarted the Mac in recovery mode and ran first aid in the disc utility. I also reinstalled the Mac System software (High Sierra). I have a fusion drive with 128 GB ram. I suspect that the Ram drive changed when my computer crashed and was restored. This might the reason my Winclone restore file does not bootup. I have decided to bite the bullet and redo the Bootcamp partition with Windows 10 64 bit. Apple’s support for Windows 7 is gone. Thanks for responding. Keith

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