Restored Windows10 image - error Cant verify startup disk

Using SCCM at work I loaded a fresh Windows10 Enterprise image on a Dell laptop. Booted the lapotop, ran Sysprep, shutdown, slaved the laptop hard drive to the Macbook, created an image file with WinClone. Both the image file create and the restore of image file to BootCamp partition indicated successful creation. No errors. When I try to boot Windows the error is ‘Unable to Verify Startup Disk’ . I’ve gone through this process twice. I put the dell laptop hard drive back in the Dell laptop and it booted without issue (minus drives from sysprep process) so the image source is good.

WinClone did not throw error messages when creating and when restoring the image. Not sure what to try next.

where do you see the “Unable to Verify Startup Disk”? Is it a t2 macbook? Try turning off Secure Boot.