Restoring Bootcamp image to ext drive, Windows 0xc000021a on boot

I’ve trying to boot my bootcamp image that was imaged from my internal drive then restored to an external drive (USBC 3.1). On boot, Windows stops with a 0xc000021a error. Googling, it’s possible that I have two corrupt files. I booted in to a Windows 10 vm and tried to repair the drive with sfc. It detects a few issues but states that it’s unable to repair the installation. I’ve restored the image to more than one external drive and both have the same issue on boot.

Is there a way to fix this?

WinClone 7.3.4
MacBook Pro 2018 15"
Fully updated MacOS
Fully updated Windows 10 (1903)


I would try running SysPrep in the VM, and then restart on the hardware and see if it detects the correct drivers (or at least allows you to boot).