Restoring BootCamp to new laptop stuck while "syncing"

I’ve created an image of my BootCamp partition from my old laptop. I’ve migrated the Mac OS (High Sierra) over and trying to restore the BootCamp image. Appears to be working fine but then get stuck while syncing and will stay there for hours - the log indicate lots of actives (>100,000 entries over a few hours) but it runs for more than 8 hours.

I did use block-based imaging.

Any suggestions?

Are you migrating via in Target Disk Mode? We’ve had some people report that target disk mode can take a long time, but saving to an image on an external drive then restoring can be much, much faster.


I was not using Target Disk Mode.

I used Time Machine to back up and restore the Mac OS (High Sierra). That part went fine.

I created the Boot Camp partition on the target computer using Boot Camp Assistant (NTFS). I created the WinClone image using Block-Based imaging (it didn’t work otherwise with a wim error). This image is stored on a network drive. When I try to restore this it runs fine for a while but gets stuck towards the end while ‘syncing’ and will run for 24 hours with no progress.

The source is a 2014 MacBook Pro Retina. The target it a 2015 MBPr.


Please submit the log from the help menu and I’ll take a look at it.


I copied the image to a local (external) drive and tried it again. This time it worked without issue. Not sure why the issue when using a network folder.