Restoring from old to new Mac

I wish to migrate a Winclone bootcamp backup from an old Mac 2010 iOS 10.10.5 Mac mini to newly acquired iMac 2013 running 10.12.5 Sierra but face a catch-22 problem. Do I have to construct a bootcamp partition on the Sierra iMac first in order to restore the backup? If so, that’s a catch-22 because can’t create a bootcamp partition without doing a new Windows-7 install. But the OEM windows-7 CD I used to create the original Windows/bootcamp partition can’t be used again on the iMac even if I get past the lack of a CD drive. So my question is, will Winclone 5.7.6 (7161) (the version I own) restore to the iMac in one fell swoop by creating the required bootcamp partition and restore the image backup of my windows-7 at the same time? Further, if Winclone can do this, will the Windows-7 OEM partition it creates claim it does not match the new hardware?

You can definitely create a boot camp partition without installing. Just use disk utility:

Pls clarify. R u saying use Disk Utility to add a new partition to the internal HD on my new mac? I can do that but it can only be another Mac partition, not a FAT 32 of course. OK, so say I make another Mac partition equal to or greater in size to the saved Winclone bootcamp backup image. Will Winclone unmount this Mac partition and restore the Windows-7 bootcamp backup partition in its place - and sized as per the backup volume?

I should update the linked article to be more clear. When you create a partition as MSDOS in disk utility, it lets winclone know that it is a windows partition that can be selected. You can then restore the Winclone image and it will result in a restored Windows install on NTFS.