Restoring to blank disk (I'm new to Mac&winclone)

Sorry for such a mundane question, but I’ll be sending my MacBookPro for battery repair tomorrow, and they said that it might be getting a new (blank) disk because of how the battery is attached (weird but that’s from the Apple Store). I run MacOS 10.13.6 and Bootcamp and Windows 10, 500GB for each partition. To restore to a brand new blank disk of the same size, I think these are the steps:

  1. day before bringing it for repair:
    1.1 run TimeMachine to external USB disk
    1.2 run Winclone from my Bootcamp volume to image on external USB disk (not winPE bootable)
  2. After my MBP is returned, with a disk of the same size (1TB ssd), I expect it has a clean install of MacOS
    2.1 run TimeMachine to restore my MacOS (and winclone)
    2.2 run Winclone to restore the Bootcamp partition.


  • before step 2.2 don’t I need to partition my disk? Or does Winclone do the partitioning?
  • at step 2.2 are the default settings OK? Anything I should be careful of here?
  • at step 2.1, if they give me a newer MacOS, can TimeMachine revert me to 10.13.6?
  • in case step 2.2 fails, I have a backup done with Windows Backup. Is it possible to restore from that backup to a Bootcamp partition?

Thank you

You have the process correct. You are also correct that you need to create a new partition. It is outlined here:


Thank you! I just got the laptop returned, and they did not erase the disk. But I’m very happy to have the procedure down, in case I buy a new one. Thank you

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