Restoring to El Capitan

I have created Bootcamp Windows 7 on a separate drive on a Mac Pro (Mid 2010) High Sierra.
I cloned and migrated successfully to partition on SSD drive on Macbook Pro mid 2011 running El Capitan and it booted and ran fine. However, doing Windows updates clear that partition was too small.
So wiped the SSD completely, formatted as MS-DOS(FAT), GUID.

Then restored original image from the 2nd non-SSD drive on the Macbook also running El Capitan. No errors reported on restore. Bootcamp shows up in sys prefs.

However, when I boot into Bootcamp I keep getting “Error loading system”

Just getting this far has taken ages so any advice much appreciated.



Is the 2nd drive installed where the optical drive was? There has been reports of drives in that bay not booting Windows.